Friday, September 02, 2005


Just wanted to thank you Jesus for my precious family.

Thank you for giving my honey to me. Increase your favor over his life. Pour your love on him lavishly. How extravagently you are FOR him. I love you sweetie!

Thankyou for blessing me and believing in me...knowing that you would give me all that I needed to nurture them in their destinies as son's of the King. I declare that you are warriors. Open Heaven over them Lord! May they know you more and more and have a heart after you. Keep exploring boys....Seek and you will find!
Thankyou for blessing me with such an amazing daughter. What a treasure you have here Lord.
Increase your vision in her life and open her eyes to see how precious she is to You! I speak forth wonder and joy on you my love. You are beautiful. :)
These blessings of mine, these gifts that are Potters tools in your gentle hands. To know my heart, to know Yours. To fall in surrender again. You do all things well my Lord.
I know you walk on the water
I know you ride on the wind
I know you clothe yourself with light
So why do I find it so hard to comprehend
Directions to the other side
A cloud by day a fire by night
I’ll keep moving on
It may seem strange but I know it’s right
I’ll keep moving on
I’ve got my friends here to help me
I’ve got my wife here to hold me
I’ve got my children by my side
Although they do make me happy
I know they’re to make me holy
Each day they raise the cup of Christ
© 2004 Jason Upton & Key of David Ministries.


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JP said...

Man it's good to see you all :>

You inspired me sis, I started my own blog tonight....

Talk to you soon

silent wings said...

It's so good to hear from you Jon.
I thought I might get to touch base with you here ;)Miss you terribly. Can't wait to see your upcoming blog - send me a link soon.