Tuesday, January 05, 2010

each moment...each person

A chance to show love.
A chance to give hope.
A chance to reveal that God is no longer counting men's sins against them!

playing it safe or taking a chance on love?

Grace is a risky thing. It really is. So is love, forgiveness, trust,and freedom.
And yet everyday He puts his heart out there...for me. For you. And allows us to choose.

For two whole years Father wrecked me with the revelation of what good news we have been given. It delighted me and made me furious.
I was made for adventure. I was made to love...extravegantly...abundantly.
I was made to live on the edge...to stand out...to be a "light" where it is dark.

But my heart was really hurt and really scared. I needed my protective shell...the cocoon that hid me and kept me safe.

And in the midst of the barriers and the walls your transforming grace left me all the more fragile....but desperate to be free....to fly. Father, you are shifting something in me and its rocking my world.

So here I am. Ready to discover who I am. Ready to take your hand.