Sunday, December 31, 2006

In preparation for the big day

I have spoken often of the body of Christ
as the bride of Christ.

In Western thought this may be premature. She is no more the bride today then I was the bride of my own beloved prior to December 10th 1994. She is called. She is invited. Perhaps even captured. But she has not yet become the bride. In Eastern thought she (the body of Christ) is the bride of Christ....chosen by the Father for the Son. And so we, who have been birthed into the family of God, are betrothed. Promised to the Son. The responsibility upon us is to remain pure and faithful until the wedding day comes and our union is complete.

Having had puzzling dreams of the approaching wedding between Christ and his bride, I have been increasingly anxious to understand the parables Jesus spoke of regarding the big day. I have wrestled often, but I heard very little spoken on them and gave up.

Today I celebrated shabbot with a body of Jewish believers in Calgary for the first time. I have desired to do this for such a long time so it was a great blessing to share in their joy.

The Father is so good! He made provision that I would be there while the message from the Bema was on the parable of the Ten Virgins. The message was incredible in it's breadth and depth. I have never been taught so thoroughly! What an encouragment and inspiration to not be ashamed of hunger and dissatisfaction as I study His word to me. Not only am I excited to re-explore and wrestle once more with the parables but I am anxious to study the other passages that pertain to preparation and to the wedding feast of the Lamb. And I am zealous more than ever to understand the Hebrew language, mindset and culture that bring context to the scriptures.


All ten virgins in the parable knew the bridegroom but only five were known by Him.

Now is the time of preparation.

Now is the time to walk in purity and faithfulness.

Grant mercy Father that I may see the state of my heart and my life. Forgive me my apathy and indifference and awaken my heart to enflamed pursuit. I come NOW to buy what only you can give.

(Matthew 25:1-13, Revelations 3:15-19)


Maria said...

"All ten virgins in the parable knew the bridegroom but only five were known by Him."

How true I have never seen it like that. I love the way you write! I don't have such a gifting but I am so blessed that you do because it does my spirit good.

Christopher / Jennifer said...

It's amazing that we can think we know Him, but keep ourselves to ourselves. We don't return the relationship. A woman wouldn't just read her husband's bio and letters and think that they have a great marriage. Marriage is a two-way, multi-media interactive organism. It's a pity so many don't know it.
Bless you.

Melanie Cox said...

Welcome back. I am interested in hearing the story. So, are all of you back, or is your husband still travelling? Bless you!!!

Melanie Cox said...
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Melanie Cox said...

I guess I could remove it from my end since I wrote it. Hopefully you saved my e-mail address. God Bless!!