Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The God of the impossible

With hope deferred and failures too many to list...I was broken this week by what seems impossible and out of reach; relational wholeness, unity and honor.

My youngest son reminded me today: "Mommy if God is powerful enough to create this whole world than He is powerful enough to help us learn to love one-another."

Out of the mouths of babes tender wisdom is spoken.

"One of the keys to life is to feed on what God is doing and what he has done and NOT on what he hasn't yet done. So often we face disappointment which will put us in a place of vulnerability. What we need is to be ever conscious of a God who invades the impossible." - Bill Johnson


Karen said...

This was a fabulous post, yes I know what you mean, and this quote - perfectly fitted the situation. What a lovely son you have too!

Folded Wings said...

I can sense your pain and disappointment. May God comfort you in the shadow of His wings.

silent wings said...

Thankyou for your encouragement Karen and prayers Carin....I have been smelling the fragrance of grace and tasting of the tree of life and it's been pulling me out of the muck and the mire. God IS good!

silent wings said...

It's long but here is an encouraging quote from Loni McIntosh on Jesus Culture: http://www.jesusculture.org/

"My prayer comes from a place of knowing who God is and that he wants to do the things I’m praying for (God, you’re so good). Yet, if I remain satisfied with the things God has already done and stop crying out for more, then I am limiting myself and future generations to the breakthrough that generations of past prayer have brought to me.

Conversely, if I focus my prayer life and my vision upon the things God has not yet done, then I become limited in prayer to trying to convince God to do something, when he doesn’t need persuading at all. God wants us to have greater breakthrough in healing. How do I know that? Jesus said to pray “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven.” Greater breakthrough in healing is a manifestation of his kingdom, and is therefore his will, which means that he wants to do it and is waiting for us to pray in order to see it happen. He’s good. So we don’t need to persuade God that healing people is a good idea. If much of our prayer life consists of “God, please!” then we’re wasting our breath. My focus must be on what God has already done and who he is as I cry out for more. I ask God for breakthrough because I know he wants to do it because I’ve seen him break through in so many ways and in so many people already. The testimonies of things God has already done are fuel for this kind of prayer. Revelation 19:11 says, “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Testimonies show what God wants to do again and in greater measure.

There is a divine tension in prayer that says, “God, you’re so good!” and “God, I’m so desperate for more!” and God is making it evident that if we want to see his glory cover the earth, there must be a generation that takes responsibility in prayer. The past generations have carried us for a long time. We must take up that hammer and begin pounding away at the heavens so future generations are able to step into the middle of something greater than we ever thought we’d see in our lifetimes. We must begin to cry out for more from the position of knowing who God is.

God is so good to give such amazing direction to prayer! Here, we extend the invitation to join us in our cry; “God, you’re so good! God, I’m so desperate for more!”