Thursday, January 17, 2008

return to one thing

...the pain
...the desolation
...the loneliness

...the utter barren.....empty.....landscape

that reveals my heart. Lonely, barren, empty.
Aching for idols ...looking back to Eygpt....wanting comfort

Is this what it was all about....

bringing me to see the dark in me..... and how you love me tenderly

until all that matters is you

God is committed to bringing us the greatest joy possible, however such joy is only found in Him. Therefore, He allows, and even causes, us to have our most cherished dreams shattered in order that we will quit hoping in them and find our joy in Him.- Larry Crab

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Folded Wings said...

Hi I have written something on my blog about a book "The Shack" if you haven't read the book, please go and see what I have said about the book I am thinking about you when I pick the book up.