Saturday, January 03, 2009

Full of Hope in 2009!

“This I know, God is for me” (Psalm 56:9)

This excerpt from Steve McVEY was exactly what Father has been whispering to my heart:

"Our God is a friendly God and He is sovereign over the universe. So, wherever we are we can trust Him to work all things together for our good. Is the universe friendly? It doesn't matter. The God who rules the universe is.

How you think about life is very important. As you move into 2009, appropriate the virtue of applying God’s underlying goodness to every situation you face in life. Do you believe the following statement? God is for you. There is no substantial ground to stand on when it comes to expecting the best until we have settled that we do, indeed, believe that statement.

Without absolute confidence that God is for you, circumstances may toss your emotions and actions around like a cork in the ocean. The person who has settled on the fact of God’s goodness is able to calmly move forward in anticipation of a good outcome
Does that mean that we always get what we want? Not at all, but it does mean that while our path may be a winding one that sometimes leads us through valleys, we are progressing all the while toward a good place. Any place God leads us is a good place because it is God’s place for our lives.

As you move through the next year, expect the best. Consider every positive result in your life to be a reminder from God of His intent to bless you. Look for His hand and listen for His voice in the subtleties of your day." - Steve McVey

So like I did in the beginning, I am watching and listening. Only this time I am EXPECTING. I am pregnant with the seed of HOPE and that hope will give birth to life in me and for others.


lydia joy said...

I haven't visited in awhile.......but I sure am glad I stopped by today.....this word from Steve was truly excellent and SO resonates with my heart for this year, I really think this year has wonderful things in store for us all!! I love that, pregnant with the seed of HOPE, always.......He is our HOPE!!

Much love xoxoxoxo

silent wings said...

Amen!!! :)

Hey Lydia,
If you get a chance, check this out:


lydia joy said...

Alas so much to do, so many messages to listen did begin to check this out for about 25 minutes, I do like Kris Vallotton, he is funy.......did this message inspire you in some way related to this post? I would love to hear more.......

Grace and peace to you!!

silent wings said...

Hi Lydia,

:) You are very patient...haha...ya he talks on and on awhile about "other stuff" until he gets to His message.It's not specific to grace but it really made me think about how GRACE and the pure gospel can transform a culture as opposed to legalism and control. I can't remember if it related to this post or not, I just remmeber feeling encouraged myself.