Sunday, November 06, 2005

Leaving broken cisterns

I am finding increasingly that there is a direct connection between the revelation of the grace of God over my life and the consuming passion Jesus has for me as His bride and the level of faith that is ignited in me to freely abandon myself in trust & obedience to Him. This is changing everything! I see the word of God through a different lens now. I see the corporate bride through the adoring eyes of Jesus and I am beginning to see the wounded, broken and captive sheep that are missing from the fold. There are new aches in my heart and new prayers on my lips and worship that exists in groans and sounds that cannot be explained because I can not always find the words to voice my hunger and delight.

It is my (not so secret) longing to be a resting place for the King of glory, to house and release the fragrace and beauty of my beloved one; to be a carrier of His presence and life giving power to all who are thirsty and in need. I pray that Jesus, in me, will compel others to leave the broken cisterns of earthly pleasures and abandon themselves to the joy of knowing Jesus in the beauty of His holiness through worship, prayer, his word and ministry to the poor and weak, the window and the orphan. This is want I long for. This is what I want to live for.

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Micah and Katie said...

Amen Sister,
This has been what the Lord has been showing me as I have begun a new search for my King. It is also my prayer that through our lifestyles people will come running into our house and want to know their Father! ( 2 Cor 6:1-4)
Your site is beautiful and we have noticed that you have been checking out our site as well. We will soon be posting another site with some of our inside on what God is teaching us as well.
I noticed that has I read your interset they are similar to mine. How did you find out about our site do you know us??