Saturday, October 18, 2008

Breath in, breathe out

So here I am
learning to breathe again.

Off life support...depending on you to be my very source. And you are.
Thankyou for being my root, my sap, my all.
You are right here with me and yet you beckon me to come close:"Lay your head apon my breast" you say..."Let me put the cup of my love to your lips...drink deeply."
Abba Daddy you are here.El Shaddai you nourish, supply, and satisfy.
Beloved bridegroom I am in your embrace.


Lennart said...

Silent Wings. Thank you for stopping by my site. That piece of writing "Breathe in, Breathe Out" is awesome. AWESOME! Is it yours or is it from a song or poem.

Wow... thank you. You have really made my evening here is South Africa. :)

Free Spirit said...

Thanks for this!

silent wings said...

Hello fellow bloggers :),

Thankyou for peeking in. It is such a joy to be meeting so many on this journey of grace and glory.

The above was written in a moment of wonder as I listened to the song I posted below. Glad that you enjoyed it!