Sunday, November 09, 2008

I love this journey Father. This bringing me to the end of myself, and the beginning.

You are again revealing another broken cictern for what it is and I am once again left naked and yet covered by your love. ALL of my identity and femininity and purpose and hunger for being has been wrapped up in my role as wife and mother and I've sucked it dry. I am not sure who I am, not sure what you intended for me. And I have exhausted this idol! Even this stripped? Do you really just want me? With all my failures? With all this incompetency? Yes even in the simplicity of being a woman I do not measure up to my own expectations. How beautiful your ways.

I am ready to let you create in me, to shine through me, to be my very life....Not by my own doing. Not by my trying anymore.... Be my identity and enable me to see who I am in YOU. I am so empty without you. Come love me. Come fill me. Come break these walls of fear and rebuke these lies of intimidation. Come teach me how to rest IN YOU completely. Let my identity become as the beloved. I want to be "the loved one". Nothing more. Fruit happens. :)

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Rich said...

Silent Wings,

What tender kindness He shows us in allowing us to freely go toward and into those places we believe will bring definition/fulfillment to our lives, only to discover the truth in the midst of the fools gold.

I so love seeing and hearing His heart in what you have layed out here before our Father.
What an arresting picture this of His desire to display such perfect strength in that which we offer Him, in our weakness.

I so loved the video you choose for here-thank you!