Sunday, November 23, 2008

Letting go

Father has a way of disarming us so that HE alone can be be our protection. How else will we get to the origin of Eden where we were naked and yet unashamed? Gently, like this weeks snowstorm, he comes without warning and says "Lay down your weapons....lay down your self preservation. Let go of the things that you think will keep your world together..can I alone be your source of hope and strength and peace? You don't have to play God. I AM. To live in dependance is to enter the vulnerability of humanity, as I did."

" I untie the bough line
let it slip through my fingers
I want to call the ship back to the shore.
Instead I struggle out a prayer that finds its way through tear drops,
and my heart cracks in two as I let go.
If I didn't know your captain...
If I didn't trust His skills....
I'd keep you safe at home within our loving arms
but I know you must be going
with the wind that now is blowing
I will watch and pray for you
I will keep a place for you....."

( excert from a song by Paul Young that touched me this week in the middle of my stuff )


Lennart said...

Silent Wings, (That is just such a beautiful name!) If you read through the Book of Solomon which reflects the relationship that our Heavenly Papa wants with us, you will discover that there is NO ONE else supposed to be present.

Would you allow and audience or even one other person into the bedroom with you and your husband? Well.... why should Papa allow a hord or interferring know-alls to stand by and shout there opinions when He want all or you? He wants to be your advisor, your lover, your comforter, your strength, your support, your provider ... and so on.

He is so special and so gentle.

silent wings said...

Thankyou Lennart. Your words ministered to me.

Rich said...

I so enjoyed reading your heart on your sleeve.

I am so grateful for the deepness of His love for me speaking into those unknown, unrecognizable places within me, bring forth an undeniable definition to who’s I am!
Father in is most perfect way was messing with my heart the other day, Saturday morning, as I took my over the speed limit excitable Breaded Collie for walk out into the winter wonderland of over a foot of freshly fallen snow.

I guess at a heart level I have been secretly harbouring a real loathing/resentment toward winter, the coldness, ice etc, especially having to work out IN it every year.
As I was walking Atticus, my treasure friend and pup, I was awe struck in the pristine splendour and beauty that captured my heart. I stopped and saw Him right there in the midst of something that has never been a friend to me, Mr. Winter. It was like breathing what then came forth from my heart, “Father I relinquish this dislike/hatred for winter, I choose to let it go, I know longer what to miss seeing/knowing you in any season that I must go through.

In a heart beat, I was instantly freed to further experience His abiding closeness in and to me as I breathed in the cold morning winter air, knowing that a door had just been opened up to me to dive even further into experiencing His love for me, even within, “Winter.”

silent wings said...

Rich, the lump of tears swells in my throat...

Who knew but Pappa how you would speak to my pain with your own struggle. The past 2 winters have been very hard for me and I was sure this one would be different. Each year a chance to trust His sufficiency...another wall melted or built depending on how yielded I am. This time the snow came as unexpectedly as the circumstances of which I am familiar, at least in the sense that I wasn't prepared..and was unguarded. But that's one way we get to see what He already knows and open to surrender again.

I am making your prayer my own.

Lennart said...

Silent Wings, I am trying to work!!! ... and Papa just keeps taking me back to your blog.

Papa just seems to be drawing/calling you so strongly into his arms. He want you alone with Him. Are you resisting? Silent Wings, just let go whatever security you are holding onto. It will appear as if the world has expoded, but Papa has you so tightly bound up in His arms, you will feel his heart beat and feel his breath on you.

Please forgive me, but I had to get that out so that I can work again.... if Papa will let me. :)