Monday, November 10, 2008

The nature of God

"Absolute Surrender is frightening only to the extent that we don't KNOW or TRUST God's character." - Steve McVey

My life....your life...has been a journey to the center of HIS heart. All the circumstances of our lives, a tapestry woven, until we see the big picture - Christ, the all sufficient one. Christ, (in you) the hope of glory. Until the masterpiece is formed. (Galations 4:19)

I dedicate today's entry to my family in Christ worldwide who I love with all my heart, some struggling in the wilderness of the unknown, struggling through fear and unbelief and others now resting in the land of His promises and abundant life.

"Beloved, He will not rest himself until you have a revelation of what He is really, really like....From this day on there is no such thing as a GOOD day or a BAD day, there is only a DAY OF GRACE. And some days the grace of God allows you to ENJOY what is happening and some days the grace of God allows you to ENDURE what is happening...And the grace of God is going to come and bring with it the nature of God, that you might Know Him, and rest in Him and live in Him, and move in Him and worship Him and represent Him." - Graham Cooke


Karen's Korner said...

I love your blog. So much of it resonates with God's dealings with me. The music is great too.

RJW said...

I love this!!

Grace & peace to you, Cirra.

Dave Tipper said...

keep preaching grace Cirra! let us do more than just endure our days left here on earth, but soar and tell the brokenhearted there IS HOPE! :) dave tipperary

Family too said...

This blog site is full of the Heavenly Father's nature and character- only True G-d's trademarks of: Love, ecstatic joy and enduring peace because there is the security of His covenanat gifts of relationship-
real & intimate relationship with Him Who alone is Life and Truth and a Way of Living that we were created for! How wonderful to enjoy Him here- see ALL over the world He impresses His likeness on His children
Bless you Cirra for being SUCH a blessing

Lennart said...

Thank you....... :)

That is all I can say ....thank you.