Friday, April 15, 2005

When you were a child

Flying kites, playing tag, camping out, laughing, quickly I've forgotton how much I enjoy these things. And yet - how hard it is for me to allow myself to enjoy these things. This breaking free, this letting go, this struggle.... this emergence of you is nothing more than the death of me. But it is familiar. Like a place I've known deep within.

When you were a child
I called you my own
you were mine

When you were a child
You could not stand alone
but you were fine

When you were a child
the world was the unknown
but you were wise
to simply trust in me
that I would never leave and hold on tight

I want to know that child again
Maybe time has changed
but love remembers when
you called my name
and like the wind I carried you away
seems like only yesterday
when you were a child

Jason Upton (Remember)

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